Privacy Policy

What Information this Privacy Policy Covers

eQuest is concerned about privacy and security of its student’s personal information. Strict measures are taken so, that personal information should remain secure in agreement with the “Privacy Policy”. Privacy Policy is applicable on that information that is collected at eQuest website (content and pages that are in the web domain of eQuest), whereas information that is not collected by eQuest in any other form (information provided through phone, fax or any e-mail) does not comes under privacy. Educational records are protected by Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) .

Information Covered Under Privacy Policy

Information that is collected from the site comes under privacy policy. One can use some of the site’s function without revealing their personal information with the help of features and services that are connected to Online Courses. Only "Non-Personal" information will be collected from the site if any kind of specific feature or service is not used on the web portal. Non-personal information is the IP address and the pages that are viewed. If student wants to approach certain features and benefits from the web portico then they have to submit their personal information (through which they can be identified). Information that is included in Personal Data is name, mailing address, phone no. and email address. Student is completely responsible about the accuracy of the information they have provided on the website of eQuest. If anyone has provided false information then they will be effected to use the site such as their will be problem while receiving information or difficulty while contacting them .

Information Collected By eQuest

Two form of information is collected by the visitor when they are checking the site -

Personal Information
Personally detectable information is the one provided to the site. When anyone is registering for their account they have to provide some important info. Revision or any changes in information can be done by the applicant for their existing data. Information provided will be used for complete survey, signing up for online course, participating in public forums offered by eQuest or while giving assessments of Online Courses. If applicant has provided personal information then it will become easy to give answer to their queries. Regular updates about courses, events organized, introduction about any new course or site maintenance information will be easily provided with the help of personal information. If correct e-mail address is provided on the site then it will be much easier for the learner to get regular updates from eQuest. Some specific sections of the site can be used by registered person only. Public forums will be available by eQuest time to time where the registered users can share their thoughts and comments. If one wants to participate in these forums than first of all they have to register with eQuest by providing their personal information. Information that is submitted or posted in forums by the person will be publicly visible so, one should always reconsider while posting for any personal or sensitive information. For participating in online courses offered by eQuest the participant has to provide specific information that is required for the course. In this information other than name, email address, contact number and postal address is also required. This information will be used for assignments that are submitted to the instructors, case studies and providing feedback. Additionally, site is bagged with face recognition technology so, certificate of course completion will have picture that is captured while giving examination and not the one that is provided during registration .
Non Personal Information
When users will be visiting the site then some specific information will be tracked, collected and aggregated. In this which pages were visited, when they were visited and which all hyperlinks did they checked. Information of URL is also collected from which the site is linked.
Operating system, browser software and IP address of the user is also collected. Information collected is not personal identifiable information but with the help of IP address user’s internet Service Provider and geographic location connectivity will be determined. Cookies or web beacons will be used identify the repeated visitors, time length user has spend on particular page of the site and specific function they chose to use .

Honor Code

All participants in the eQuest course must agree to the following code of conduct:

  • • They will maintain only one account.
  • • They will complete all (Quiz, Mid-term & Final) exams with their own work.
  • • They will not submit their work to any other person.
  • • They will not engage in any activity that will dishonestly improve their result or hurt the results of the others.
  • • They will not post answers to problems that are being used to assess participant performance.
  • Note: This Honor code will be review on timely manner and any changes to this code will be effective immediately. So be sure to this page periodically to ensure with the most current version of Honor Code.