eQuest is an Online learning portal by QCI. eQuest is designed help Indian professionals to strengthen their of Quality management and assessments skills along with application of these concepts to real life scenario. Courses available on the portal will assist the learners to improve their skills and knowledge thereby enhancing their career prospects .

Our Mission

Today there are lots of institutes which offer courses but the core quality skills are not comprehensively taught . eQuest aims to fill this gap and offer courses on quality management and assessments thereby building a fully trained people force to implement ZED and Make in India vision of the PM comprehensively . Further by completing these courses learners can improve their career prospects and job opportunities as well.

How it works

  1. 1. At eQuest students will be taught courses as per the choice of the students. The students will be undergoing time bound courses which can be taught online and they can take the courses at their own pace .

  2. 2. All the courses will be split into modules of fixed durations . After every 3 modules students will need to complete an inline quiz where they have to acquire 75% marks or more to be able to move to the next module .

  3. 3. There will be a mid term exam and a final exam after completion of all the modules. Students need to score 75% or more marks to be eligible for a participation certificate .

  4. 4. The learning will will be delivered using a combination of E-lectures, video lectures, info graphics along with comprehensive assessments and case studies based learning .

  5. 5. As stated above state-of-art online assessments will be an integral part of the eQuest learning process and may have an option for online proctoring to ensure that cheating and other forms of frauds are eliminated and under control .

  6. 6. When student will complete the online course they will be eligible to take the physical program which will be conducted at various approved QCI sites followed by an online proctored assessment Those clearing the final physical at site program will be eligible to receive a competency certificate for the course attended .